USB to NP‑FW50 Dummy Battery


Product description


1 Dummy battery provides continuous and stable power for your camera and extends the working time of your camera. Plug and play, very convenient to use.

2. The DC drive cable can output the voltage of the power bank USB port to the rated voltage that the camera needs to achieve.

3. Multiple protection features such as short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection ensure safety during use.

4. Full decoding chip with high conversion efficiency and stability suitable for A7 / A7R / A7S / A7M / A7II / A7S2 / A7M2 / A7R2 / A6500 / A6400 / A6300 / A6100 / A6000 / A5100 / A5000 / A3000 / NEX5 / NEX7 / DSC‑RX10 Camera

5. The plastic of the external power supply can effectively reduce the heat of the camera and prevent the effect of the image quality caused by the heat.

How to use:

1 Use the normal installation method to attach the dummy battery to the camera battery compartment.

2. Connect the dummy battery to the DC interface of the pressurized line, connect the USB interface to the output devices such as power banks.

3 Press the power button on the camera to start normal operation.


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