Hive 85cm Silver Bowens mount Beauty Dish Softbox


Product Highlights
  • Color: Silver (interior)
  • Collapsible/Foldable
  • Parabolic shaped with 16 anodized rods
  • Made for use during portrait shoots
  • Bowens Mount compatible
  • Easy to open
  • Comes with double diffusers (indoor and outdoor)
  • Beauty Dish Size: 85cm (Diameter)

This Silver 85cm Beauty Dish from Hive is a Quick to Open Bowens Mount compatible light modifier that is ideal for fashion and portait shoots. This beauty dish is parabolic, shallow and foldable with a Bowens Mount adapter. It comes with a deflection disk to bounce back light into and out to the sides of the dish. Also, due to the shape of a beauty dish, most of the light is aimed forward and it allows for even light distribution thus achieving a flattering look as a result of the sculpting of a person’s facial features.

Being a quick open softbox means that this modifier is fast and easy to setup and close down. The 16 rods making up the softbox are strong for adequate structural stability. It also comes in two colors of coatings: silver or white. This silver version creates more contrast and brings out more detail when compared to the white version which gives more soft and smoother light.

To help soften the light with this beauty dish softbox, two diffusers are provided. The round shape gives your images a wraparound look but with a more dramatic effect. It is most suitable for portait shoots, hence, photographers tend to have it positioned high and pointing downwards and this accentuates a person’s cheekbones and gives a result of having high cheekbones. It is able to create beautiful shadows and catch lights as well in a model’s eye (a spark or glint in someone’s eyes that is round with a small darker dot at the middle – a tip-off that a beauty dish was used). In sports portait photography, a beauty dish can be used to give dimensional and dramatic effects as it is able to accentuate musles and textures.

Also, with a carrying bag is provided for ease of storage as well as transportation for outdoor shoots.

In the Box
  • 1 x Hive Φ85cm Silver Bowens mount Beauty Dish Softbox
  • 1 x Deflection Disk and Screw
  • 1 x Inner diffuser cloth
  • 1 x Outer diffuser cloth
  • 1 x Carrying bag

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