Curved Reflector Kit 60 x 180cm



  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Double-sided Cloth: White, Gold, Black, Silver
  • Length: 180 cm / 70.8″
  • Width: 60cm / 23.6″
  • Weight: 2.65 kg / 5.84lbs.


he 4 in 1 curved reflector  is a U-shaped photographic product that is designed to enable photographers achieve clamshell lighting setup with one light as a result of its excellence in light focusing. It made of a strong aluminium alloy, meaning it is of high quality construction with its reflective fabric that incorporates 4 different colors white/Black/Silver/Gold). The reflector is therefore, versatile and durable. To add on its curved nature, the reflector has 90 degrees free regulation, making possible random adjustments of its reflective angle up and down.

Reflective fabrics

  • White Fabric – Softener fill light, less specular bounced light compared to the silver fabric.
  • Silver Fabric – Produces gorgeous catch light that follows the natural curve of the eye.
  • Golden Fabric – Warm fill light, give the picture a warm feel.
  • Black Fabric – Subtract light, weaken the color saturation and make the portrait more natural.
  • Waved fabric can optimize diffuse reflection, make light refraction more uniform and avoid producing lighting spot.


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